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 Having a garage door out of commission can mean a loss of money, time, and your patience. We can get things back in working order in no time. We offer quick, efficient service at reasonable rates. Just like any other machinery, garage doors need servicing sometimes too. More often than not, springs that aren’t lubricated will rust, break down, or interfere with your garage door’s ability to open or close.

We have unbeatable warranties for garage door springs and make the entire process quick and painless. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you. Our full service procedure consists of the installation of: the door, springs, the track, cables, locks, hinges, rollers, and handles. We thoroughly examine all components; making sure all parts fit your garage opening and function properly. Before we leave, we double-check that your door is in perfect working order. 

Spring Repair Occasionally, a garage door spring can malfunction. This can be due to rust or simple wear and tear. As the spring and cable are attached to the door itself, one cannot function without the other. Our skilled technicians can repair these springs easily. We arrive at your home or business with an array of tools so that we can easily repair and service all types of garage door openers.

For electric garage door openers, we can repair and service all the electric components. This includes the lift system that pulls the door up and directs it down. The lift system is usually not a part of the garage door and is repaired and serviced individually. Our standard service includes: repair, adjustment, inspection, and lubrication if required. Also, we check the mounting of the unit along with its attachment to the door to pinpoint and prevent possible future issues. 

Types of garage door openers that we service: – Liftmaster – Genie – Chamberlain – And many more Our Mission: – Unmatched Warranty – Affordable Prices – Prompt, Same Day Service So if you or someone you know is experiencing a garage door emergency or simply looking to have an existing assembly repaired, replaced or installed give us a call 24 hours a day and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.